Winner of multiple awards, see Awards
Fire On The Mountain
Semi-finalist (instrumental) International Songwriting Competition 2019 Coming Home To Roost
A classic written by my long-time friend Bill Wharton (The Sauce Boss) Play that fiddle!

Cathedral Cove, New Zealand Bluegrass cover of Down Along the Cove
After all the violence and double talk ... Bluegrass cover of Nothing But Flowers
Poppa's singing gospel songs ... Wild Rose of the Mountain
Written in 1986 ... still just as true Lives In The Balance
Finalist (best bluegrass song) New Mexico Music Awards 2016 The old stoat Plays the fiddle
"Blue pigeon" is slang in England for the lead used to seal metal roofs. Thieves steal the lead to sell much as copper wiring is stolen from houses in the USA. Someone performing the thievery is said to "fly the blue pigeon". Fly the Blue Pigeon

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